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The Stanford Piano Society aims to bring together piano enthusiasts of all skill levels to explore the beauty and joy of piano music through regular meetings, performances, and social events in a supportive and inspiring environment.


We will host the following events and more!

  • Regular meetings and practice sessions: Join us to share the love of piano music, learn from one another, and receive feedback on your playing!
  • Performance opportunities: We will organize regular recitals, concerts, or open mic nights, where members can showcase their talents and gain performance experience. Due to the large number of pianos on campus, there are several potential venues for performances, giving us the ability to spread the joy of piano music all across campus.
  • Workshops and masterclasses: We hope to invite guest pianists, music educators, or professors to give workshops, lectures, or masterclasses on various aspects of piano playing, such as technique, theory, improvisation, interpretation, or performance practice.


(From Left to Right): Ellen, Brian, Aliya, Karan, Steven